Top Fake ID Websites

Top 5 Fake ID Websites

Getting a fake ID is some sort of tradition in the United States since it’s the only way to get things done as a young person.

Participation in some social events is limited by age restrictions, and you need a way to get through life. A fake ID is often a gate to freedom.

Signing up to a fake ID website allows you to enjoy the good life. You don’t have to make the search, we did it for you, and here are the top 5 fake ID websites.


People love this website, especially because it’s tech-savvy. The first thing that you notice on this platform is that the ID cards are made from PVC and Teslin. That makes the cards feel and look as authentically as possible. These ID cards will pass the bending test.

They also pass security scans. A standards fake driver’s license is going to have fake information generators, high-quality holograms, and 2D barcodes so you have a little chance of being caught. These guys will test all the security features before giving you the card.

The price might be bigger compared with other services, but that’s because their products are truly high-quality and a work of art. They make sure that each document respects your state’s instructions, so you get the best fake ID possible.


This company is fairly new, but they managed to build a good reputation during this time. They are also known for providing high-quality fake IDs, and there’s little complaint regarding their service.

The IDs ordered from this website come with security features, so you can be sure that your card will pass any UV, holograms, or other kinds of tests.

The website is easy to navigate, and you are guaranteed to receive an ID card that is updated with your state requirements, so there’s little risk in getting caught.


This website is very popular in the fake ID niche. It’s simple and easy to navigate, and you can see that you will get some very good looking ID cards.

Their advantage is that they serve all the states in the US and some parts in Canada. However, the security on these fake ID cards might seem a bit lower tier. They offer backlight and UV protection, but the material used to make these cards is not as authentic as it can be.

The prices are really good, especially if you order for more people, and you can also get ID cards in an older format if you are from Wisconsin or Ohio, for example.

They have very strict specifications when it comes to the pictures you need to send, so keep that in mind. The reviews online are also mixed, some praising them and some complaining about the difficulty of their payment method, as it seems they only accept Western Union.


A website with a name that is suggestive and easy to remember, it has been in business for over 6 years and they have a great reputation online.

Their website is easy to use and navigate, and its staff has a very friendly and professional attitude. You can open a support ticket with them if you run into any trouble and they will help you. You can also get a replacement in case your ID gets confiscated.

The prices are also great, especially if you order for more people at once, and there’s a variety of payment options, including Bitcoin, Zelle Bank Transfer, Moneygram, WesternUnion, and Cash App.


This company has a solid reputation that has spanned over 4 years, and they provide fake IDs for all the American states, and even some parts of Canada and Western Australia.

What is especially great with them is the speed of their delivery. You normally can have your fake ID in a week, sometimes even faster. They also provide a variety of shipping options.

The quality of the cards are pretty good, and their products can pass the bending test. The pricing is reasonable, and you get group discounts in case you want to order for all your friends as well.

You need a high-quality camera to provide a clear photo, as they have clear instructions regarding this manner. But they have no restrictions regarding what age do you want to pick for your fake ID, and that’s a nice versatility that you don’t usually encounter on these services.

The website is a little hard to navigate through, and it’s easy to get lost while trying to find your way in. However, you get free duplicates and a tracking number to keep track of your shipment. All in all, a good service to try.


If you are looking for a website to get a fake ID so you don’t miss the fun your friends are having, there are plenty of choices to choose from. You can be picky and choose the one that has the higher costs but also provides the best quality, or choose something a bit cheaper since there’s no big deal if it gets confiscated, since you get free duplicated.

However, you should pick a service that has great reviews and plenty of payment options, since you don’t want to be limited to a single one. is the most expensive and high-quality service in this field, but the other websites are solid choices as well.